Scuba Diving in the Cayman Islands

June, 1988

Radar Reef, June 10
North Shore, Cayman Brac
Our first dive in the Caymans. Clear water and beautiful fish and sponges.
Sea Feather Wall, June 11
South Shore, Cayman Brac
Our first wall dive, to 110 feet! It was also the most spectacular dive either of us had ever done to that time.
Jeff's Reef, June 11
North Shore, Cayman Brac
A shore dive off the north coast of Cayman Brac shows us a lot of fish and some beautiful sponges and coral formations.
Eagle Ray Roundup, June 12
Bloody Bay, Little Cayman
Mark and Rod make friends with a grouper and a pair of French angelfish.
In the aquarium!Reef bowl
On the wall in Bloody Bay, Little Cayman. We were enjoying our survey of the wall edge when this blacktipped shark came cruising along.
The green turtle under water is a study in grace and elegance. An occasional casual sweep of his front legs easily outdistanced our best efforts.
Radar Reef, Cayman Brac, June 12

This was our only night dive. We followed a communication cable out to a reef.

Pillar Coral, Cayman Brac, June 13

Some beautiful brain corals and lots of soft coral plus butterflyfish and parrotfish. There was also a nice anemone there.

East Sand Chute, Cayman Brac
June 13, 1988

We dove on a wreck and then proceeded down a sand chute to the wall at 80 ft.

Patch Reef, Cayman Brac
June 13, 1988

Large coral heads and lots of fish on the north side of Cayman Brac.

Magical Roundabout, Little Cayman
June 14, 1988

Once more down on the Cayman wall with deep blue water, nice sponges, fans and coral.


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