Elkhorn Forest

Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands

June 11, 1988

We descended into huge collections of elkhorn coral. The French angelfish and black surgeonfish were our immediate companions.

Almost every outcropping had an elkhorn array on it.

Mark stands on the sandy bottom with a large coral head in front of him.

Mark shows the scale of one of the large elkhorn coral arrays.

When these two mean-looking barracudas cruised through, we were surprised to see that each was accompanied by a small companion fish. Pretty scary company for these little ones.

A nice reef vista with soft coral, fire coral, sea fans and lots of blue chromis flitting about.

This is as majestic a setting of elkhorn coral as any I've seen.

We traveled through canyons in the reef with high-rise coral above us.

Large school of grunt under elkhorn coral.

This large French angelfish hung around with us for the latter half of the dive.

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