June 14: Schruns to Imst, Austria

It was raining when we awoke but mercifully quit long enough for us to break camp. Then it resumed, harder than before. We drove out of the lovely Montafon valley and headed toward the Arlberg Pass.

When we started the ascent to the Arlberg it was pouring rain. It soon turned to a heavy snowfall accompanied by dense fog. Near the summit it was like a snowy wonderland with heavy snow on the ground and deposited on all the limbs of the bushes and evergreen trees. It was an interesting experience - if we are going to have bad weather, I at least like to have it bad enough to be interesting.

Upon coming down the pass, it again turned to rain. We drove through some very nice country, especially near Strengen. However, all the way from Arlberg to Imst they had the road torn up and there were long stretches of one lane traffic.

We reached Imst about 12:30 and were lucky enough to catch a break in the rain to pitch our tent. The campground "Camping am Schwimmbad" is one of the nicest that we have seen. There is a good view (or would be if it weren't raining) and it is within walking distance of the center of town.

We walked to town and bought groceries, pastries and stamps. The prices are quite a bit lower for tourist-type items than in Switzerland. Even food is a little cheaper.

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