June 24: Camping on the Wolfgangsee

Brenda started the day with a migraine, which took most of the day to wear off. We spent the day lazing around the campsite on the Wolfgangsee. It was hot and sunny and we spent some time in the sun.

The campsite is reminicient of Florida. Everyone spends the day in bathing suits, only dressin further when it gets cool in the evening. Most of the campers are Deutchlanders with a couple of cars from Denmark and Belgium and 4 cars from Great Britain, including ours.

Most of the campers we hav encountered are camped for long periods - a week or more - and do little besides lie in the sun. The swim a little - and there is a little fishing and boating, with a little waterskiing in the afternoon. The play the international camping games - badminton and kicking a soccer ball in the afternoons.

We took a walk some distance down the lakeshore in the late afternoon. This was about the sum total of our activity for the day.

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