We began 1999 with trying to bring our house back in order from the remodeling and room addition.

On June 1, Rod had surgery for prostate cancer. The surgery went well and the pathology was very encouraging, suggesting that the cancer was well contained in the prostate. Dr. Maxwell White, who did the biopsy and subsequent surgery, indicated that no further treatment was necessary.

Jeff, Darla and Ashleigh came up for a visit on Monday, June 21, and stayed until Friday. We went up to Bent Tree Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rod continues his fascination with close-up pictures.

Jordan was born in New Orleans while Rod was off in San Antonio for an AAPT meeting. As soon as he returned, we headed off to New Orleans to see the new granddaughter.

Jeff and family moved from the apartment in the old Alaska building to a house down the street. Ashleigh has a room of her own and her own big bed.

Thanksgiving is always a time we look forward to.

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