Evidence of Design

"Then there's the evidence for design in molecular machines that defy explanation by Darwinian natural selection. These integrative, complex systems in biological organisms - which microbiologist Michael Behe calls 'irreducibly complex' - include signal transduction circuits, sophisticated motors, and all kinds of biological circuitry."

"...these biological machines need all of their various parts in order to function. But how could you ever build such a system by a Darwinian process of natural selection acting on random variations? Natural selection only preserves things that perform a function - in other words, which help the organism survive to the next generation. That's survival of the fittest."

"The problem with irreducibly complex systems is that they perform no fuction until all the parts are present and working together in close coordination with one another. So natural selection cannot help you build such systems; it can onlypreserve them once they've been build. And it's virtually impossible for evolution to take such a huge leap by mere chance to create the whole system at once."(Meyer)

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