Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll is a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1993, and worked at MIT, the Institute for Theoretical Physics at UC Santa Barbara, and the University of Chicago before moving to Caltech. His research involves theoretical physics and astrophysics, focusing on issues in cosmology, field theory, and gravitation. He is the author of "Spacetime and Geometry", a graduate-level textbook on general relativity; has produced a set of introductory lectures for The Teaching Company entitled "Dark Matter and Dark Energy: The Dark Side of the Universe"; and blogs regularly at "Cosmic Variance". His lives in Los Angeles with his wife, writer Jennifer Ouellette.

The Big Picture

"We humans are blobs of organized mud, which through the impersonal workings of nature's patterns have developed the capacity to contemplate and cherish and engage with the intimidating complexity of the world around us ...The meaning we find in life is not transcendent ..." The Big Picture, Sean Carroll, Penguin Random House, 2016, p3-5. Cited by John Lennox on pg 18 of "Can Science Explain Everything".

From Eternity to Here, Penguin Group, 2010

The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time

The Particle at the End of the Universe, Penguin Group, 2012

How the hunt for the Higgs Boson leads us to the edge of a new world

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