James Le Fanu

James Le Fanu (born 1950) is a British retired General Practitioner, journalist and author, best known for his weekly columns in the Daily and Sunday Telegraph.

Why Us?

How science rediscovered the mystery of ourselves
London, Harper, 2009

"marked discrepancy between the beguiling simplicities of evolutionary theory and the profundity of the biological phenomena it seeks to explain." p58
Cited by Neil Thomas, "Taking Leave of Darwin", p111. Thomas adds some general description of the work.
"Every day, writes Le Fanu, we are the unwitting beneficiaries of an incalculable number of invisible natural wonders, such as the purifying function of the liver (which is able to perform more functions than the largest chemical refinery), or the autonomous functioning of the heart ...or our physiological capacity for bodily self-repair (compares it to a bicycle puncture repairing itself). .. What seems amusingly preposterous in the case of human manufacture is perfectly practicable in human physiology via the cleansing function of the liver."

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