Arthur Peacocke

British theologian and scientist

The Experiment of Life

Toronto, The University of Toronto Press, 1983

"In no way can the concept of 'information', the concept of conveying a message, be articulated in terms of the concepts of physics and chemistry, even though the latter can be shown to explain how the molecular machinery (DNA, RNA, and protein) operates to carry information ..." p54

Theology for a Scientific Age

Minneapolis: Fortress, 1993

"The aim of this work is to rethink our 'religious' conceptualizations in the light of the perspectives on the world afforded by the sciences" p3.

"There is a strong prima facie case for re-examining the claimed cognitive content of Christian theology in the light of the new knowledge derivable from the sciences If such an exercise is not continually undertaken theology will operate in a cultural ghetto quite cut off from most of those i n Western cultures who have good grounds for thinking that science describes what is going on in the processes of the world at all levels. The turbulent history of the relation of science and theology bears witness to the impossibility of theology seeking a peaceful haven, protected from the sciences of its times, if it is going to be believable." p6-7.

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