Aubrey Moore

Aubrey Lackington Moore (1848-1890) is a famous University of Oxford theologian. His idea that "under the guise of a foe Darwin had done the work of a friend"[1] remains a startling one and a source of question and debate. This idea of Darwin as a friend in enemies clothing has been discussed by later theologians such as Author Peacocke.

Moore argued that Darwinism was not in conflict with Christianity. He differed from other religious figures at the time by accepting the theory of natural selection, incorporating it into his Christian beliefs as merely the way God worked.

He was curator of the Botanical Gardens in England in 1887.

He wrote two books: Science and Faith (1889) and Essays Scientific and Philosophical (1890), and was a contributor to Lux Mundi (1889).

1. John Hedley Broke, page 294, The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Science, Oxford University Press, 2006, Philip Clayton (Ed.)

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