10 Myths Related to Science and Christianity

A series initiated by Jefrey Breshears

During the winter and spring of 2012 we had a series of meetings where we examined some popular myths about the nature and relationship of science and Christianity. This is a developing summary of some of that discussion. Appreciation is expressed to Dr. Jefrey Breshears, who initiated the discussion in the February meeting of RTB Atlanta. Jefrey provided this list of 10 myths in that initial meeting. Since he, with the assistance of Dr. Howard Deutsch, led a lively discussion of two of the ten myths in that meeting, it seemed reasonable to continue and examine the remaining eight and perhaps some others.

10 Myths Related to Science and Christianity

  1. Science is the only true path to knowledge.
  2. Scientists have discovered how life began.
  3. Historically, Christianity has been an impediment to the advancement of science.
  4. Galileo was imprisoned and tortured for challenging the Church's position on cosmology.
  5. Darwin myths
    • a. Darwin rejected Christianity because he had discovered a more satisfactory scientific explanation for the emergence and development of life forms.
    • b. Darwinian evolutionary theory destroyed natural theology
    • c. Darwin had a deathbed conversion to Christianity.
  6. The Genesis account of creation and modern cosmology are irreconcilable.
  7. Young Earth Creationism has been the historic position of Biblical Christians.
  8. The Scopes Monkey Trial destroyed the arguments against evolution.
  9. Intelligent Design is merely a "God of the gaps" argument against naturalistic evolution.
  10. Theistic evolution resolves the conflict between evolution and Christian faith.


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