Resources for Science/Nature Pointing to Faith

These resources are of course chosen from a personal point of view, but in this day of abundant web resources, you have the freedom to survey all points of view and make your personal choices and decisions. My choices are made from a background of over 50 years as Christian and a professional physicist. I am strongly influenced by John 1:3 and Romans 1:20 which tell me that God made everything that is and that we have a responsibility to look at what that creation tells us. In that creation one finds an abundance of clocks and calendars which speak eloquently and consistently of great antiquity. The creation also reveals a beginning of time, space, matter and energy as I see the evidence, and with confidence in cause and effect that points me to a cause outside of time and space. The abundant evidence of fine-tuning in a way that did not have to be, but did have to be if life as we know it were to exist, points me to a purposeful Creator. The detailed information in life in the form of the genetic code and the coordinated processes that transfer and utilize purposeful information leave me with the conviction that all life and our lives are the gift of a purposeful Creator.

Reasons To Believe : Where Modern Science & Faith Converge. Reasons To Believe is a ministry devoted to integrating science and faith and to demonstrating how the latest science affirms our faith in the God of the Bible. I am personally involved in the Atlanta Chapter of Reasons to Believe and value its ministry.

Evidence for God,

A major collection of material by Rich Deem.

Reasonable Faith William Lane Craig's resource.

Scientists of Faith Opponents of Faith Other Commentators
Philosophical Terms
The Book of Nature
The Search for a Reasonable Faith

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