Mableton First Baptist Church


The church mounted a major mission trip to Peru from March 22-28.

In March of 1990, the church participated in a Mission Trip to Peru. Under the leadership of Rev. Ricardo Fachisters, our Spanish Pastor, and our pastor David York, a mission team was sent to an economically hard-hit area near Lima, Peru, in the town of Callao on the coastal side of Lima. We had Spanish-speaking team members, and the others had learned as much as they could. Other MFBC members included Mrs. Inez Russell, Wanda York, Anna Fachisters, Pat Peal, Ruth Floyd, Ruby Guinn and Brenda Nave. They collected about 20 large boxes of clothing and several boxes of Bibles and made the trip to Lima. Under Pat and RuthÕs leadership, the ladies participated in a clown in ministry. Bible Studies, Worship services, radio broadcast and other community ministries were included in the mission trip.

Always memorable in the fall of each year was the Fall Festival (later called "Light the Night") that we sponsored as a Christian alternative to Halloween for our community. Hundreds of children have attended over the years, and have enjoyed food, candy, games, and hearing about the love of Christ!

During 1989, Mrs. Nettie Hembree sacrificially requested to be taken off the church payroll as Media Center Director because of the financial condition of the church. She continued on with her regular duties as an unpaid worker.

Also in this year, the church recommended Charles Marshall to attend the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary extension in Marietta.

Average monthly receipts for 1990 were $52,330.62. The average monthly Sunday School attendance for this year was 327.

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