Mableton First Baptist Church


We had a Block Party and health fair for the community on May 6. Ray Collier, Jr. entertains the kids by manning the dunking booth.

We had an RA Recognition in November.

The Youth Ministry experienced growth in numbers at the beginning of 2000. Many new activities, including Band Nights one Wednesday a month, Dare 2 Share, Student Life Camp, the World Changers Mission Trip and Disciple Now, contributed to this growth. The name of Wednesday night service was changed to GROW: Get Right On Wednesday. The name of the Sunday night service changed, as well, to SOAR: Sold Out and Radical. At this point in the youth ministry, two-thirds of our youth came from broken homes. This was just one more reason to share Jesus in our community!

In April, 2000, Gail Morris accepted the position of Keyboardist.

The Music Ministry presented Easter 2000: The Pageant with over 2000 people attending. Celebration Choir members sang, and 64 cast members participated in the drama.

The Kindergarten and MMO programs continued to thrive. There were 5 kindergarten classes (3 year, 2 day; 3 year, 3 day; 3 year, 5 day; 4 year; 5 year) serving 88 children total, and the MMO program served 43 children.

A new sound system for the sanctuary was purchased, and nursery, choir room and air conditioning renovations were done in the summer. The church held a 24-hour prayer vigil on November 3 and 4. RA Day was observed on November 12, with the boys taking the offering and saying the pledges for Sunday morning worship. Thanksgiving Around the Table was held on November 19. Giving was strong, and long-term debt was being reduced on a monthly basis, totaling $90,000 by year end.

Our Spanish mission was moved to Castlewood Chapel, and all related funds were transferred to the West Metro Association.

The Personnel Committee recommended, and the church approved, that a $300 per month allocation would be made to the Healthcare Spending Account of each ministerial staff member, effective October 1, 2000. The Personnel Committee also recommended that a new staff position be established - Associate Pastor for Education and Young Families.

Mableton Elementary School encouraged the church to be involved at the school by reading and mentoring, so members signed up to do so. Members of the church also helped to keep the school grounds. Rev. Childers was involved with the Citizens Advisory Council at the school.

Average monthly receipts for 2000 were $53,702.61. Average Sunday School attendance per month was 265.

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