By Faith: Arise and Build

Churchwide Banquet, December 8, 1985

Last year's musical "Three Wee Kings", under the direction of Sarah Shiver, involved many memorable costumes.

Even the very young angels participate.

After long preparation the performance leads the congregation

in worship and reflection on the holy birth.

The spiritual experience is an unforgettable one for the children, and for us too. Within the varied programs of our church there is some sort of ministry where each member of the congregation can serve our Lord.

A part of our spiritual task is the providing for the spiritual future of our children and our community.

This is a rapidly growing community with approximately 12000 persons moving into Concord Association area each year

and over a thousand per year in the area immediately surrounding Mableton First Baptist.

The turnover in population associated with being a part of a thriving metropolitan area

provides a continuing challenge of outreach to new persons for Christ.


In response to the challenge of ministry to our children and to the community about us, a Long Range Planning Committee was elected by the church in 1979 to assess current needs and plan for future needs.

A survey was taken of the felt needs of the people and a long period of prayer and deliberation has taken place.

January 24, 1981 was a day of celebration for Mableton First Baptist. We witnessed the burning of the notes on the sanctuary and educational building.

We recognized the building committee which helped us to raise that building

and the group of members who had the faith to sign notes to secure the indebtedness.

In December 1983 we welcomed back our friend and pastor David York to lead us once again

in the task of ministering for Christ in the Mableton community.

With his strong hand of leadership and with the grace of God we can pull together as a church family -

we can in faith arise and build whatever is needed to equip our ministry.

The needs of the congregation have been intensified by the decision that the red brick building was no longer safe to use without extensive and expensive renovation. It's closing in 1984 has forced crowded conditions upon our Sunday School and other ministries.

For example, the ministry of our church library which was reactivated in 1970 under the direction of Mrs Nettie Hembree has developed into the finest multi-funtion Media Center in the Association.

It has served us well with tapes, slides, films and videotapes as well as books and the more traditional library resources.

At present it must operate in cramped quarters in two locations and

has many of its resources boxed up, awaiting new space for operation.