Mableton First Baptist Church


Brother S. T. Gilland served as pastor from November 1907 to October 1912.

Brother B. B. Smith served from January 1913 to November 1916 until he resigned.

Brother J. S. Bookhart served January 1917 to August 1918.

Mableton School, Fall of 1918

The history of Mableton First Baptist Church and Mableton School are closely entwined. This picture includes several persons who were members of Mableton First Baptist.

Front row, L-R: Mary Dodgen, Ruth Allen, Homer Bennett, Hiram Dunn, Harry Haggard, Fred Dodgen, Arthur Mable, Roscoe Clay.

Second row: Clara Lee, Theresa Glore, Exie Daniell, Nellie Daniell, Nellie Landers, Floree Willoughby, Professor P. W. Bernard.

Third row: Herbert Glore, William Woodall, Joe Lee, Robert Lee, Homer Glore.

Looking back from the perspective of the 125th anniversary of Mableton First Baptist in 2012, Harold Glore back left was part of the building committee which built the red brick church starting in 1932. He is the uncle of Sara Payne. Joe Lee, 3rd from left on back row, is Jake Lee's father and his mother is Floree Willoughby Lee second from right on 2nd row. Joe Lee contributed to the building of the red brick church, but he was one who had a job during the great depression at Lee's Garage, and was working six days a week to support his family.

C. N. Peek served as pastor of Mableton Church from May 1919 to September 1920.

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