Mableton First Baptist Church


On April 18-19 we produced an Easter Pageant under the direction of Keith McBroom. In costume for the Pageant are Laura Floyd, Ruth Floyd, Arthur Durand, Pat Peal.

A large group attended the Fall Festival of Marriage at Ridgecrest on Oct 23-25. Out on the front grounds of Ridgecrest: LR Gerald and Jenifer Sibley, David and Derinda Moore, ?, Rex and Leslie Pair, David and Lisa Kesler, Keith and Angie Hughes

Part of the group at dinner, from left:Pierce and Deborah McWaters, Rod, Lloyd Ogburn, Right Elizabeth Ogburn, Lisa Kesler, Michelle and Keith McBroom.

A special emphasis on the GAs mission organization at Mableton First Baptist featured former GAs Lorie Ogburn, Janie Ayres and Brenda Nave.

On February 19, 1992, the church voted to approve the purchase of the Hayes property at the corner of Church and Avery Streets for $38,500 and a $4000 contribution credit.

Charlie Marshall was licensed by the church to preach on March 18.

In April of 1992, Mableton First Baptist held its first of many impressive Easter pageants under the direction of Minister of Music, Keith McBroom.

On April 26, 1992, Huey Bratton was hired as part time Youth Minister, effective May 10.

Jeff Nave was recommended to the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary as a seminary student candidate by the church on June 7, 1992.

On June 17, 1992, the Personnel Committee made the decision to withhold 25% from personnel staff salaries (excluding the custodian) for the three summer months, if necessary. Any amount withheld would be paid the following months.

Castlewood Chapel mission was fully constituted as a church on August 2, 1992.

The church held a revival on September 20-23.

Ten couples attended Marriage Enrichment at Ridgecrest on October 23-25, 1992.

We began a Ministerial Intern program on October 21, 1992. The first such intern was David Phillips, who interned for six months with us.

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