Mableton First Baptist Church


The Rev. G. C. Light served the Church from February 1941 to October 1943.

Rev. J. H. Knight served from 1943 to 1950. During this time a Sunday School annex was built onto the Church building. N. B. Ayers headed building Committee. A pastorium was purchased on Floyd Road.

It is believed that the first organized choir was in 1944 when work was done on the choir loft and church approved the purchase of choir robes.

In 1946, Director of Church Music Department was Mrs. Shearer and Church Chorister was Mr. L. C. Stewart and Mr. Ray Griggs. None of these were paid directors. (This information from Mrs. Hembree's history.)

First Baptist Church Mableton Choir, February, 1947

This picture was supplied by Kim Daniell-White. The caption reads Wilma Daniell, Elsie Daniell, Mary Williams, Sara Glore, Brawnson Ayres, Gene Barber

In the late 1940's Gene Barber was elected Sunday School Superintendent and served for ten years, not every year consecutively.

to 1950