Mableton First Baptist Church


Pastor David B. York announced his retirement on February 18, 1996, effective September 8, 1996.

Also in February, Evelyn Holton-Price retired as Church Organist, effective March 3, 1996.

A church Health Fair for the community was held on April 27, 1996. This event has been held for many years since. It is a tremendous outreach and service event.

As of June 19, 1996, the church's Discipleship Training Program (formerly Training Union) consisted of a Youth class and one Adult class. The church staff decided to conduct a poll of the members to determine the future of this program. A questionnaire was composed and it was distributed to 290 people during worship. Seventeen questionnaires were returned. Three voted to continue the Discipleship Training Program as it was, 7 voted to discontinue the program, and 7 voted to reorganize the program (but only 4 of those were willing to work toward that end). The matter was tabled until the new pastor arrived, or until October 1, 1996, whichever came first.

David B. York was named Pastor Emeritus of Mableton First on August 21, 1996.

Rev. Doug Couch was approved as Interim Pastor on October 6. Dr. Charles Yates was approved to lead Bible Study on Wednesday nights.

Average monthly receipts for 1996 were $52,262.66. Average monthly Sunday School attendance was 245.

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