Mableton First Baptist Church


We celebrated the Deacon Ordination of David Moore on February 22.

In 1998, the Summer Day Camp program was re-introduced, bigger and better than ever. The camp continued its tradition of offering a safe summer full of activities and much fun, while sharing the love of Christ to the community children.

In June of 1998, Rhonda Sumners Brady resigned as Music Director. David Wilson lead the music on a week to week basis. Evelyn Holton-Price and Wanda Carey were playing the instruments on a week-to-week basis. Sara Payne filled in as needed.

A revised fund raising policy was proposed in early 1998. The old policy read:

"There shall be no projects or forms of entertainment promoted for the purpose of raising funds for the support of the church or any Auxillary or Department of the church."

The proposed new policy read:

"Fund raising shall be allowed upon approval of a written proposal outlining the purpose for ministry presented to the Pastor, Minister of Youth, Chairman of the Deacons, and the Chairman of the Finance Committee."

The revision of the policy was defeated on April 1, 1998.

On April 5, 1998, the Personnel Committee recommended Jim Caldwell for the position of Associate Pastor of Education and Administration, to be effective May 10. The church approved the recommendation and Rev. Caldwell accepted. As a result of this hire, it became necessary to change Danny Balint's title to Associate Pastor for Students rather than Minister of Youth and Education. The Personnel Committee also moved to create the position of Church Hostess, and this was approved.

The number of members formally committed to the new Prayer Warrior program was 127. "Prayer Warriors" were people who were committed to fervent prayer daily for the church and its members.

The number of members formally committed to the new Encourager program was 47. "Encouragers" were mentors for new Christians.

The Media Library continued to serve its people, as 195 items were circulated during the 3rd quarter of the church year.

On October 21, 1998, the church asked Bud Durand to serve as Music Director on an interim basis.

The average quarterly Sunday School attendance for 1998 was 244. The average monthly receipts were $58,515.59 (January-September only; October-December figures not available).

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