Owensboro Visit, Sep 22-24

Brenda and Rod made a weekend trip to Owensboro, KY to see Aunt Orvetta, who at age 92 has just made a move to the Carmel House, a personal care home, so that she can get more care. We wanted to see if we could help with the move, and help get her settled in. We hadn't seen her since our big 90th birthday celebration for her two years ago.

Brenda, Boots Owsley, and Orvetta Owsley just outside the sanctuary of First Christian Church, Owensboro

We attended the morning service at First Christian Church with Orvetta and Boots. It seemed to mean a lot to Orvetta for us to stay and go to church with her. It was a reverent and thoughtful service, as the minister spoke about being servants to one another.

Boots had taken Orvetta to Sunday School at 9:15 and Brenda and I joined them for the 10:30 service. Boots has been so good to help Orvetta for the past several years, taking her to church and so many other places. We have been very grateful for her presence there as a friend and helper.

The most touching part of the service to me was to look down the row when we were taking communion and see Boots, Brenda and Orvetta bow in prayer. It was very meaningful to me to think of Brenda and Orvetta sharing this moment of prayer - I have seen both of them give of themselves unselfishly to other people, and l think of Brenda joining in the spirit of Orvetta's long life of service. Knowing that Orvetta can't have many more years, it was so good to see her taking comfort in her faith and in her church service. She is still very much alive, and keen of mind.
Jeff and family portrait

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