Visit to the Reptile House

November 24, 2000

The reptile house has always been a fascinating place at the Atlanta Zoo

This rattlesnake was about 5 or 6 feet long and about arm size. I think this is a Georgia rattler. The image of the rattle at right is about life size.

At left above is a speckled rattlesnake. At right above is the Aruba rattlesnake. Below are two images of the rattle of the Aruba rattlesnake.

At left above is an emerald tree boa constrictor and the right is a green tree python.

At left is a common king snake, harmless and even helpful in getting rid of mice. On the right is the king cobra, one of the more deadly snakes on the earth.

The black mamba. One of the most deadly snakes on the earth.

The huge snake at left was a yellow anaconda. It was probably 4 inches in diameter. At right is a rattlesnake as beautiful as he is dangerous. A classic pit viper - you can see the heat-seaking pits clearly.



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