Jeff & Darla Visit, 7/20-23/00

July 22, 2000

We had a luxurious breakfast and enjoyed watching the squirrels and birds in the back yard. Brenda had put corn on the squirrel gym and open bird seed in the back feeders. So the back yard was quite active.

Once they discover the corn on the squirrel gym, the squirrels work tirelessly until they have stripped every kernel from the cob. Then this fellow hopped down to the ground to pick up what he had dropped.

After weeks of absence, the bluejays returned after Brenda had put out some open birdseed in the back feeders.
This is one of the woodpecker varieties which have come to our suet feeders.

This woodpecker is larger than the downy woodpecker, but smaller than the big redhead. We haven't been able to identify its species.

Jeff playing with Jordan
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