Christmas 2001

December 24-28, 2001

Rod and Brenda made the trip to New Orleans to be with Jeff and family and with Darla's family for Christmas. We were loaded up with two beds for Jeff - a single bed from Marty for Jordan, and a queen-sized bed which had belonged to Grandmother Thomas for Jeff and Darla. It was musical-bed time as Jeff and Darla's bed went to Ashleigh.

Mark and Cindi had sent down presents for Ashleigh and Jordan and we had told them they could open them on Christmas Eve. They were anxious, but Darla had told them that the priority was to get presents wrapped for two little girls in a low-income area whose names they had gotten at church. At right above, Ashleigh watches as Darla finishes the last package.

Finally the time came for them to unwrap the presents and they were excited. Jordan first came to a unique book made like a pillow - a book to sleep with! It was very neat.

Ashleigh found a pair of nice long Winne-the-Pooh socks which she promptly put on, and two neat books. The girls treasure books, and the reading of books is a very important part of their lives.

Included in these very creative packages were sets of Rudolph red noses and antlers which flashed. Darla fixes up Ashleigh like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.

The girls had quite a time running around the house with their Rudolph noses and antlers.

Jeff and Darla got a digital camera from Mark and Cindy and had fun checking out its features.

Later in the evening, Jordan still had on her antlers and her "Tigger" long socks from Mark and Cindy. It was a delightful afternoon with the girls when we could just relax with them.

Later, when we were going out, Jordan and Ashleigh gathered some of their stuffed animals to go along with us. Jordan carries Tigger from us, the dalmatian from their nextdoor neighbor, and the red bear from Cindy and Mark.

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