Christmas 2001

Christmas Day

We went to the Moyle's in Pearl River for gift opening on Christmas Day. We had a nice breakfast with the family and gathered around the tree after that.

The biggest excitement for us is to watch the little ones. Judy has Bethany, who loved the little train set on the table. Darla settles into a chair with Jordan.

We have enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Darla's family. Here is Leslie, Jeff Moyle's wife and Robbie, Diane's husband on the couch with Ashleigh.

Darla and Diane with Ashleigh as the gift opening gets into full swing. Jeff Nave gets a new pair of pants, Jeff Moyle with daughter Bethany in background.

Darla and Ashleigh show off their new Christmas sweaters.

Darla helps Jordan and Ashleigh with their gifts, including a book with a large pop-up spider.

After the round of gift opening, the girls take a run in the yard. Ashleigh tries to keep rein on Bethany, center, and Jordan hangs on the other side. At right above, Jordan holds a small radio which Bethany got and dances to the music.

Dave and Judy fixed a fine dinner for everyone, with a wonderful Christmas ham.

After dinner there was time to play. Ashleigh and Jordan watch Diane draw on a sketchboard they got. At right above, Judy takes time out from cooking and taking care of us all to play with Ashleigh and Jordan.

Judy reads to Jordan and Ashleigh, a tradition with both sets of grandparents. As the day draws to a close, Jeff Moyle plays with Ashleigh and Jordan outside.

Ashleigh and Jordan pose with Grandma Brenda and Granddad Rod.

We gathered the Moyle family together for a photo in Dave and Judy's front yard. From left to right: Leslie, Bethany, Darla, Jordan, Dave, Judy, Robbie, Diane, Jeff Nave, Ashleigh with Jeff Moyle.

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