Jeff in Peachtree Road Race

July 4, 2001

Rod and Jeff left at about 5:30 am to drop Jeff off at the Five Points Marta station to ride out to Lenox for the start of the Peachtree. Rod later took Marta to the Midtown station and took a position along the race route.

After the row of police motorcycles came a camera truck and a motorcycle with a cameraman sitting on the back with a camera on the front runners. The speedy Kenyans or other Africans came into sight at a very fast pace. I watched 13 thin black men speed around this corner. There were only 2 or 3 white runners in the first 30 runners, the fleet Africans having dominated the field.

Jeff came along close to the 6:45 min/mile pace he had planned. These shots were taken on 10th Street just after turning off of Peachtree Street, about a quarter mile from the finish line.

The Atlanta Journal reported Jeff (misspelled as Jeff Wave) at place 1119 out of 55,000 at time 44:52. That was the clock at finish, and he didn't cross start line for about a minute and a half.


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