October Visit with Jeff and Family

October 5-7, 2001

Jeff and Darla and the girls were able to come up for a short visit on October 4. We had not seen them since July 4 and the girls had really grown and developed. Ashleigh is now 3 1/2 yrs old and Jordan 26 months.

Ashleigh and Jordan love books and love to be read to. This seems to calm them down in the evening, and they seem to feel very secure when they are being read to .

We always put up the little play house in the back yard when Ashleigh and Jordan are coming. They have never seen the back yard without it. Jordan probably played in it more than Ashleigh this time.

Watching Disney videos was part of the girls entertainment. Brenda joins Darla and the girls in watching Cinderella. The girls also watched Robin Hood and 101 Dalmatians.

Jordan and Ashleigh liked to listen to tapes and dance to the music. Ashleigh would also sing along part of the time. They both could go up and down the stairs to the basement, but seeing Jordan do it sometimes made your heart skip a beat.

Jordan sat at the table and put her finger in a pack of nutrasweet and touched it to her tongue. It seemed like fun, so Ashleigh joined her.

We all gathered for Sunday dinner. Mark and Cindi joined us and it was a nice occasion. It always is a joy and comfort to us to have both boys in the house for dinner.

Cindi brought along her little dachshund, Frankie, and we left her in the bed of Rod's pickup while we ate. Then the girls went out to visit her and played in the bed of the truck.

Jordan seemed very proud of herself for being able to climb into the truck.

There were two plastic bats in the truck bed and Jordan enjoyed swinging one of them around. They even managed not to hit one another or the dog, but it made Frankie the dachshund somewhat nervous. Jordan seemed much more relaxed and agreeable outside. She investigates everything.
We all spent some time outside on this beautiful fall day before Jeff and family had to head back to New Orleans.

Jordan liked being swung around by Uncle Mark. She didn't even mind being swung upside down.


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