Visit With Philippe and Mary Sue

August 18, 2001

Returning from Owensboro and Orvetta's service, we stopped off near Chattanooga to have supper with Philippe and Mary Sue. They invited us home for the evening and we enjoyed a rare opportunity to visit with them. Perhaps it won't be so rare now since they have bought a house in Cleveland, Tennessee, about two and a half hours from us. They are pleased to have settled into this quiet wooded area.

After the trauma of moving, they have the house nicely furnished and decorated, including lots of pictures of the grandchildren. They have a number of antique furniture pieces and collectors items from the family. And raccoons -- lots of raccoons!

Philippe has a new boat! In the couple of weeks since he got it, he has tried it out on two lakes and a river. He can complain about all the decisions he has to make now that he is retired, like where to go fishing next.


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