Thanksgiving 2001

Saturday, November 24

On the last day of Jeff and family's visit, we had to get in as much as possible. Jordan and Ashleigh enjoyed zipping around in the den on their little cars, and Jeff, Darla, Rod and Brenda had a nice breakfast. Jordan liked to dance to the music of the tape recorder, so she had a couple of sessions of that.

By this time in the visit, Jordan and Ashleigh had become comfortable enough around us that we could really play with them.

One of the things the girls enjoyed doing was dancing to the music of a tape of gospel songs. "Marching to Zion" was one of their favorites. Jordan was really getting into it.

Reading to the girls is a favorite activity for Ashleigh and Jordan, and also for Grandma and Granddad. Rod is reading the Pooh thanksgiving story to Jordan for about the third time. Jordan knows all the characters of the Pooh stories by name.

After rain all day yesterday, Saturday was sunny and mild so we spent a good bit of time outdoors. Marty brought over his cat, Spartacus, and Ashleigh was delighted to be able to pet him.

Both girls were delighted to ride on someone's shoulders, and Jordan's expression here shows her enjoyment. Ashleigh was fascinated by Spartacus the cat on Marty's back.

Jordan was in a particularly affectionate mood and she was kissing everyone, including the animals.

Jordan is an investigator, so she loved riding on Cindi's back and checking out the windchime and the other hanging decorations on the carport.

Ashleigh was showing Granddad the Grandpa and Grandma Christmas bears that she and Jordan had gotten as gifts. She had been very attentive when Rod hugged Brenda, and had asked questions like "Why are you hugging Grandma?" She is always full of questions, but that one was easy to answer.

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