Thanksgiving 2001

Brunch at Bent Tree, Friday November 23

We loaded up in the Volkswagen Van and headed for Bent Tree for brunch with Sherry. Jordan was happily singing to herself along the way.

We used the ping-pong table for a game of rolling the big ball, which Ashleigh enjoyed.

Aunt Dorothy Watts was able to join us for the brunch - the first time she had been to Bent Tree I believe. She was interested in the pictures of her mother, Brenda's Grannie Duncan, in the album. She sat and looked at our album of construction of the Bent Tree house. Jeff and Darla had a turn at looking at it as well to reminisce.

Ashleigh and Jordan were at a card table in the living area, and Dorothy's three grandchildren gathered around the coffee table.

We drove to Bent Tree for a nice brunch which Sherry had prepared. Sherry has just settled into the Bent Tree house after moving back from Alexandria, VA. Ashleigh is at a card table on the main floor, which Sherry has already decorated nicely for Christmas.

Dorothy Watts had driven up with a grandson, Lane Mitchell, and great-grandchildren Kristin and Cory Sargent. Also Marie, at right with Sherry, came with her.

This was the first time Jeff and Darla had been up to Bent Tree since Jordan's birth. Sherry had cooked a fancy brunch for us all.

The kids were keen on climbing the mountain, so Rod volunteered to take them. The slope of Big Stump Mountain rises very steeply behind the house, so we were soon high enough to look back down on the house below us.

As we climbed up from the 2400ft altitude of the house toward the 3000 ft peak of Big Stump Mountain, we entered cloud and couldn't see much beyond the trees. Lane and Kristin seemed to enjoy it nevertheless.

It had been threatening rain when we started up the mountain, and on our way down the rain got pretty hard. Jeff, Darla and Ashleigh, who had been following us up, took shelter by a boulder. When we got back down we were soaking wet, so we had to find dry clothes for everyone. When we got dried off, Rod and Jeff played catch with the youngest of the boys, Cory Sargent.

Although a bit crazy to hike up the mountain in the rain, it turned out to be a great adventure for the kids, who quickly bonded with Rod who had been crazy enough to go up with them.

Jordan, Cory, and Ashleigh join in the romp on the couch with Rod.

On the way down Chestnut Cove Trail, we saw first a couple of turkeys in the road, then more and more until Darla counted 18 in the flock. We quipped that it was the day after Thanksgiving and they felt safer to forage now.

We also ran across several deer along Chestnut Cove Trail near the main club end. Having had a good day of food, fellowship and adventure, we headed back home.

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