Tech BSU Alumni Gathering

November 16, 2002

Sue and Warren Woolf arrive at the house of Norman and Barbara Petty for the November gathering of the Georgia Tech BSU alumni group.

It was an occasion of joy for old friends to get together. Jane and Leland Strange at left. Frank Gudger greets Merle Griffin above.

Betty Hammonds and Babs Gudger were busy helping Barbara serve pie and ice cream as the room hummed with a dozen conversations. It was one of the largest groups we have had at one of these gatherings. Above are Carol Bush, Barbara Petty and Betty Hammonds.

There was time for group discussions and individual conversations. Leland and Sam Shelton at left, Brenda Nave and Sue Woolf at right.

Aubrey Bush is still commuting to Washington, D.C., in his 12th year of working with the NSF. We were pleased to see Gary Bonds out after rounds of radiation and chemotherapy for cancer. Laddie Rollins is getting used to a new house in north Georgia and still teaching math at Truett-McConnell College.

Nancy Bonds and Merle Griffin above. Sam Shelton, Babs and Frank Gudger and Tommy Bonds at left.

We pay tribute to the courage of Gary and Sharon, who have been in major battles against cancer this year.

These two images from Norman Petty

Jeff and family

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