Football Game at Newport First Baptist Gathering

October 2, 2005

As a part of the fellowship gathering for Newport First Baptist Church, a football game broke out.

With a nice flat grassy area on the river bank, many of the young men couldn't resist the lure of a football game. Brent and Garrett await the start of the game.

The game is off and running, with Brent in hot pursuit.

Garrett gets a chance to run the ball.

There were some fine catches but some pretty fancy pass blocking as well.

Brent makes a hard charge around end.

With players of all sizes on the field, I don't know of any injuries. But when you catch a pass, you draw a crowd.

Looks like a fairly even matchup on this end run.

Oops! Not so even on this one.

Just over the outstretched arms of the defense -- and he's gone!

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