Light the Night

October 31, 2005

The cakewalk was one of the more popular events in the big family celebration at First Baptist Church Mableton on Halloween night. All the kids and some of the adults dressed up in costumes and everyone had a good time.

Church members volunteered to cook hotdogs and hamburgers and provide popcorn for the families who came.

I was impressed with the hispanic families who came with their children and enjoyed games like this football throw. Johnny Huffman encourages the young throwers.

The inflated slide was a great hit with the kids, and for the adults too since we got to see all the kids in their cute costumes.

We are always looking for ways to promote fellowship of parents with their children, or in the case of Pastor Tim, grandparents with their grandchildren.

With all kinds of super-cute costumes, the whole community got to enjoy each others children.

It was also a good time to show off the latest additions to the church family. Proud Papa Ken Hunter looks on at left, and the latest Bartlett is out in his pumpkin outfit above.
The jumping booth is always popular. We had a baseball throw and Jason Anderson is measuring the throwing speeds. Monona Owenby helps with the fishing booth.
Grace Lopez encourages a young thrower at the football-throw game. The hoop game was popular with the very young.
One of the great things about having this time for the community was that it was a safe and wholesome place for families to bring even the very young. One of our dreams is to minister to the whole cross-section of the people that live around the church. So this was a time of joy for all of us.

I found myself cycling back to the inflated slide because it seemed to give so much joy to the kids and their watching parents.

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