Park City, Utah

July 31, 2005

After breakfast we walked uphill along the historic Main Street of Park City. Intended to preserve the spirit of the mining town of the late 1800s, it points up the mountain toward modern ski resort housing.

The Main Street area is well kept and decorated with window boxes of flowers. We got our morning exercise walking up and down the hill.

There were lots of t hings to clown around with on Main Street, a lot of them involving a moose.

Bears were another favorite for sculptures in Park City. There were some very nice bronze sculptures.

A summer view of the ski slopes.

The Park City area was host to the 2002 Winter Olympics and skiing is the key to the prosperity of the area. It was very active in summer also, with lots of bikers and hikers. All around the Park City area you could see the ski runs carved from the trees on the mountains.

We drove to Snow Park with the intention of taking the lift up the mountain. We watched bikers loading their bikes onto the lift, but it was a little too late for us to have much time at the top, so we decided to do it another day. The houses up on the mountain were very luxurious - a high budget resort.

We loved the white-barked aspen trees and spent some time playing around in them.

Rod is always interested in small game hunting and enjoyed watching the bees on the asters.

We came back on Friday to take the trip up Bald Mountain.

Drive to Mirror Lake

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