The Homefront in the Aftermath of Katrina

September 1, 2005

As Rod and Jeff traveled back into the devastation left by Katrina, it was comforting to know that Elyse and the other children were safe and comfortable at our house. Elyse was sitting up and playing and was great entertainment for everyone.

Jordan reads to Uncle Mark.

Bethany Moyle joins Jordan and Ashleigh in dressing up like princesses. Jeff and Leslie Moyle and their girls weathered the storm in Picayune, Miss. Jeff Moyle had gone to Jeff Nave's house and Leslie and the girls had driven up to our house.

On September 3 the girls are all gathered around the breakfast table. Jordan, Bethany, Ashleigh and Elyse with Lindsey in the inset at right.

Leslie Moyle gets busy on the phone and the internet to make connection with FEMA and other resources to get hers and Jeff's businesses back up and running in Slidell.

Elyse has someone else to play with when Caleb arrives on September 5. Dave and Judy Moyle with Diane and Caleb had gone to Pensacola, but they were without power and gasoline there, so they came up as well. It was a lively place with all six Moyle grandchildren.

Judy watches four of the six children as they play on the carport and parking area. They enjoyed chalk art and they rounded up bicycles and tricycles.

When the people at our church learned how many folks were at the house, they started showing up with casseroles and all kinds of food. Around the table are Leslie, Lindsey, Judy, Dave, Diane, Caleb, Bethany and Darla.

Despite all the difficulties, there was time for family joy. This is the kind of time when the youngest, who don't know what is going on, can teach the rest of us to enjoy the moment. Elyse is delighted to poke at Pap Dave.

Darla and Diane with the two youngest, Elyse and Caleb. Family and church friends also brought in toys for the children.

The weather in the Atlanta area was quite nice, so they could do lots of outdoor activities to keep the children entertained.

Dave and Judy were understandable very anxious to get back to Pearl River to see about things, so they prepared to return on September 7 as Rod and Jeff were headed toward Atlanta on the return from their trip. Diane with Caleb, Darla with Elyse, Brenda, Leslie, Judy and Dave.

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