More Christmas Day Activities, 2006

Later in the day, Tom and family joined us and Jessica joined the other girls for a wild ride on the plastic alligator ride on the patio. On the gator above are Jordan Nave, Lindsey Moyle, Jessica Ringo, Bethany Moyle and Ashleigh Nave. The cousins have a great time playing together.

The adults were a bit more laid back than the kids after all the good food.

And Elyse was just plumb tuckered out be the day's activities and went to sleep in Grammy's lap.

The guys got cranked up with a game of "Skittles", which they were all familiar with but which I had never seen before.

Jeff Moyle concentrates on a Skittles shot above left. Then Darla takes on the guys, and Elyse rouses up to root for Mom. This game energized the whole family, and they had a lot of fun with it.

Elyse is very interested as Grammy Moyle plays the piano for Paps to sing "O Holy Night". Dave sings regularly at Peace Lutheran Church and is part of the Christmas music program.

Elyse loved the little dog that came to visit. This is a good portrait of what Elyse looked like, nearing her second birthday.

Feeding Elyse a snack gave Grandma Brenda a good opportunity for a photograph.

We went back to Jeff and Darla's to open some of the gifts from the Georgia family. Ashleigh is excited about a coin book for coin collecting.

Jordan also got a coin collecting book from Aunt Sherry, and was happy to have some coins included to start the collection.

Jordan and Ashleigh are all smiles about the brillian red horse (or unicorn).

The girls are excited about a roll-up system that allows them to work on puzzles and then roll them up to work on them later.

Elyse settles down to look at a neat new book.

The girls get ready for bed and then the whole family gets involved in the Bee game. It's been an exciting family day.

Recap of 2006

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