Darla and the girls visit

Darla drove up on Monday, August 21 and arrived in time for us to have supper together. We hadn't seen the girls since the Disney trip, so we were surprised to see how much they had grown and developed.

Elyse at 20 months hit the ground running. I was amazed at the speed she could run down the hall.

We had gotten toys down out of the attic and fixed up the small bedroom for them, so Ashleigh and Jordan settled in quickly and had fun playing with Elyse. Look how tall Ashleigh has grown!

Ashleigh is taking piano lessons and showed us that she could play part of a Christmas carol.
Elyse would zip up and down the hall and bring things for Mom to look at. She was also very interested in the books, and sat for Grandma Brenda to read to her. I kept thinking about the time less than a year ago when we were with them in Birmingham and Elyse was just taking a few unsteady steps.
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