Knees In the Sand

Children's Camp, First Baptist Mableton, at St. George Island, Florida

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Breakfast was at 8, so we were up early enough to see some sunrise color over the bay, and to see some small flocks of egrets heading out to their feeding locations.

The boys from Rod's Cabin 6 were up early and perched on the deck rail outside the cabins. L-R are Tanner Rowan, Billy Chafin, Timothy Aldridge, Chael Brooks, Michael Haire and Connor Rich.

There was time for a brief visit to the bayside to see interesting sights like birds feeding on the slender stalks of the sea oats and the evidence of a crab's busy night's work. This was in the vicinity of the sunlit fishing pier.

Russ's strong voice calls out "Left hand! ... Right hand!... Put them together! Let's pray."

And it was truly a breakfast to be thankful for! Ruth and Pat had cooked up eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits ... a very fine breakfast to start a busy day at camp.

After breakfast we gathered in the church sanctuary for the first of the Bible studies on prayer by Brad O'Kelly, our Minister to Youth. Brad had planned an active session for this active group of youngsters, starting with playing his guitar for singing praise choruses.

The singing was followed by an active game in which four volunteers formed pictures with bubble gum. In upper right, Quentin Davis shows his bubble gum picture of Mr. Russ. Brad had activities for each Bible study session to tie in with the points he was going to make in the study.

On our way to morning recreation, we could watch the small boats out on the bay digging for oysters. They used long sticks attached to a long narrow basket structure.

The morning recreation was a kickball game with the boys against the girls. Timothy Aldridge gets off a strong kick.

Timothy beats the ball home for a score. Allyson Rich gets off a strong kick for the girls team.
Chael Brooks kicks and runs for first base.
Quentin Davis on a race for first base. Timothy catches a fly ball near first base.
Nala Anderson does a great job at first base. She makes it hard for the boys to get past there.
Russ pounds one into the deep outfield. But when the game was over, the girls celebrated a victory.
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