Visiting Mark on the Movie Set

October 19, 2006

I drove out to Panola Road to the warehouse where Mark was working on the set of a movie presumably to be titled "Revenger of the Nerds III". The movie titles are often not set in concrete at this stage. I walked into the large warehouse filled with all kinds of structures for filming some of the scenes. I presumed this big cloth was to simulate a sky background

This was a fallout shelter set that Mark worked on a lot. Heavy concrete walls and beams and a heavy steel door, right? You'd be surprised!

Mark had spent a good bit of time on the design and construction of a door that appeared to be constructed of heavy steel, rusted with age. He actually made most of it from 1/4" luan, and the heavy looking handle was fabricated from MDF. The handle was made the same on both sides of the door for different shots, and they designed it to spin three threads and then hit a stop to give the impression of spinning a heavy steel handle. Then they could add sound effects.

Inside were canned water, survival food, and all the clutter associated with the Nerds setting up a dormitory in this fallout shelter.

Heavy overhead concrete beams in a dank fallout shelter with rust streaks from a generation of neglect, right? You might be able to see that this heavy structure is supported by small overhead cables. The whole structure is mostly luan painted to look like concrete, and the big beams were reused from the "We Are Marshall" movie where they were the overhead beams in the football dressing room under the stadium.

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