Railroad Pedestrian Overpass for Movie "One Missed Call"

This entire steel structure, spanning two railroad tracks at a height of almost 25 feet, was built in about three weeks by crew of four welders, starting from prints and basic steel stock. The structure was built for scenes in a horror movie. The location is just west of the main north-south railroad main lines through Atlanta. Part of the Atlanta skyline is in the background. August 18, 2006. Mark used his own welder, shown by the trailer, for much of his welding. This

Tony Kupersmith contracted this steel railroad overpass project. He hired Sedrick Livingstone as lead and Mark Nave, Bob, and Damon Fishback as welders on the project.

The actual high span was assembled from four I-beams and welded on a flatbed trailer so that it could be lifted directly into place from the truck. Mark used his own welder, shown by the trailer, for much of his welding. This part of the assembly was being done on July 26.

Once those four long I-beams were placed, it took a power lift to make small adjustments for positioning and squaring the bridge section. At left Mark makes gentle position adjustments.

One of the remarkable things about this project was that it was all fabricated from basic steel stock. the raised stair-tred stock was the only stock that was modified, and even tthat was welded in tread by tread.

The setting of the overpass in the horror movie "One Missed Call". The plot has this college girl getting a phone call which predicts her death, and then seeing a series of wierd images which play out the phone call and lead her to her death. This shot shows the top of the Westin Peachtree Plaza out of focus behing the overpass.

She watches a freight train go by and then feels lured up onto the overpass. Those are the buildings of downtown Atlanta in the background.

This shot from the movie shows more of the detail of the steel structure that Mark's crew had build from basic steel stock over the past three weeks.

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