Summer Activities around Pearl River

Pap Dave holds Elyse as she tackles a big piece of turkey at the 4th of July celebration at the Moyles'.

A pyramid of kids with Bethany, Jordan and Ashleigh on bottom, Lindsey and Caleb on top. Eventually it crashed into a heap of kids.

A gaggle of girls on the couch watching videos on July 8.

Miss Elyse playing happily on July 13. She is growing and gaining more hair .

Jordan and Ashleigh swam with a swim team during the summer. They show off their trophies below. Elyse got in on the water play as well. This celebration was on July 18.

Heavy rains filled the ditches and put the girls in their boots in the front yard on July 24.

Ashleigh at a tai kwan do ceremony on July 28.

Hispanic Picnic at Bent Tree
Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center
Callaway Gardens Trip

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