Naomi Nave Makes the Move to Arkansas


Carl Nave had made the move to Newport, Arkansas in April of 1932 while the rest of the family stayed in Owensboro, Kentucky. On June 11, 1933, Edgar went to Arkansas to spend the summer, returning in August.

On April 22 of 1934, Naomi left Owensboro with Edgar, Dorothy and Wanda to live in Arkansas.

Edgar, Dorothy and Wanda with Aunt Dink. Since Wanda appears to be about 2,this places the photo in 1934. This is then the ages of the children when the move to Arkansas was made. Dorothy remembers Aunt Dink and Uncle Tom. She remembers that Aunt Dink made a doll for her and used her own hair to put hair on the doll.

Wanda and Dorothy

Above, Naomi, Dorothy and Edgar pose alongside the Ohio River in Owensboro. At right, Grandmother Susie E. Owsley joins them with Wanda.

Presuming an age of 11 for Edgar would place this photo in 1934.


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