Christmas Day at the Moyles, 2008

We all went to the Moyle's for Christmas brunch. Dave and Judy are busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast casserole and all kinds of nice things.

This is not the sort of thing you would think of a bunch of girls doing on Christmas day, but Jordan was keen on taking something apart with her new tool kit. Dave had handed them an old drill, and they were dissecting it. Bethany, Lindsey and Elyse look on as Jordan gets out her tools.

Caleb joins them and they have their brunch out on the front sidewalk in the midst of their project.

Caleb and Elyse often do things together, being near the same age.

Judy gathers the kids into the den for more traditional Christmas activities. Bethany, Jordan, Elyse, Caleb, Ashleigh and Lindsey are here, with Jonathan and Jessica coming later.

The kids are amazingly patient until the time of gift opening begins. Caleb, Ashleigh, Lindsey and Elyse gather to look at each others gifts.

Excitement builds as they get into the swing of opening presents.

Caleb is pleased with a drawing kit.

Everyone seems interested in a gift that Elyse got.

Ashleigh delights in her American girl accessories.

Elyse and Caleb enjoy the books they got as gifts.

It's nice to look at books, but sometimes its just nicer to have Grammy to read the book to you.

Below, Judy collects all the kids to read to them a Christmas story.

The Ringos arrived, so we collected Jonathan and Jessica to get a picture of all eight Moyle grandchildren on the hearth. On the back are Bethany, Jessica, Jonathan, Jordan and Ashleigh. In front are Lindsey, Caleb and Elyse.

Its now stocking time and all eight kids have their stockings down on the floor.

It's certainly active, but the kids are amazingly well behaved and just enjoy being together.

Finally we got the whole Moyle family to gather at the fireplace for a group picture. Back row: Tom Ringo, Jeff and Darla Nave, Robby Wells, Judy and Dave Moyle. Middle row: Debbie Ringo, Leslie Moyle, Jessica Ringo, Diane Wells, Bethany Moyle, Jordan and Ashleigh Nave. Front row: Jeff Moyle, Elyse Nave, Lindsey Moyle, Caleb Wells, Jonathan Ringo.

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