To Pearl River for Christmas

December 21-27, 2008

We headed out for Pearl River on Sunday afternoon and settled in for the night at Abita Springs where we have stayed several times.

We went over to Jeff and Darla's at Pearl River on Monday and Brenda got involved with Jordan and Ashleigh in baking cakes.

With the tree all decorated, Elyse is excited about Christmas.

On December 23, Darla and the girls were busy at one of their Christmas traditions: the making of Christmas cookies. Above, all three girls are busy decorating cookies with colorful icing. At left, Darla helps Elyse with a cookie cutter.

Jordan decorates a special cookie for Granddad and Elyse is busy decorating a star cookie.

Elyse holds the new family rabbit, Willow.

Elyse watches as Granddad has some ice cream with his special cookie, and then gets him outside to swing with her.

Elyse and Rod have fun on the swings and the bars.

Rod sits down with Elyse to read to her the story "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Elyse was very attentive and Ashleigh joined in to listen. It was a relaxing and pleasant afternoon.

Christmas eve was also relaxing, with Rod not doing anything much more strenuous than reading the funnies and helping Elyse with puzzles. The ladies were much busier with cooking and preparation. We went back to Abita Springs early to give Brenda time for gift wrapping and organizing for tomorrow.

To Christmas Day

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