Off to Edmonton, Alberta

July 21 , 2008

This is a view of downtown Edmonton, Alberta from our room in the Campus Suites of the University of Alberta.

After giving the final exam in the Conceptual Physics course, Rod and Brenda went to Mark's shop and he took us to the airport for our flight to Edmonton. Rod was scheduled to present a poster paper at 10am the next day.

Getting through airport security is always a hassle, but otherwise we had very nice flights to Salt Lake City and then on to Edmonton. Rod always wants to sit by the window and watch the terrain below as we cross the country. We got a view of the Mississippi River, nice views of farmland and mountains, and then varied mountain and lake terrain on the way up from Salt Lake City over Alberta. The late afternoon sun highlighted the numerous lakes and rivers. Near Edmonton the terrain changed to plains arranged in nice patchwork fields.

We picked up a rental car at the Edmonton airport and drove to the University of Alberta campus. We had a room in the Campus Suites Hotel on the 14th floor with a full view of the highrise buildings in downtown Edmonton. The city was larger than we anticipated, but easy to navigate because it is laid out numerically with Avenues east and west and Streets north and south. We were at 111th Avenue and 88th Street. By the time we got to bed it was midnight Atlanta time and we were exhausted.

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