Medicine Lake

July 25 , 2008

We drove on along the Maligne Lake Road and about 20km in found this large turquoise blue lake called Medicine Lake. The mountains towered over it along the east side, and as we approached from the west we got spectacular reflections of the mountains in the calm lake. We stopped for me to go down to the water's edge to take pictures of the lake and the reflections, and I heard three or four languages being spoken by the international gathering there. As we had experienced before, there are many Asians who visit the national parks in the northwest.

The wildflowers at the north end of the lake added to the extraordinary beauty of the reflections of the mountains in the lake.

After Rod finished taking pictures at the north end, we drove the length of the lake on the east side with the towering sharp mountains above us. The road is at the extreme left of the photo above left, and it shows the mountains to the south of the lake. At right above is the massive rock ridge - some scale can be obtained by noting that the dark patterns on it side are groves of full sized evergeens. At the south end a glacial stream ran into it and there were lots of folks wading and playing around the shallow end.

This is another attempt to give some sense of scale to the massive rock ridge to the east of the road. The trees on the distant side of the ridge seem to be of the same type as those beside the road here. This road between the rock ridge and the lake reminded me of Tenaya Lake which we drove beside in 2004 on the Tioga Pass Road.

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