Wildflowers in the Moraine Lake area

July 30 , 2008

Adding to the joys of hiking around Moraine Lake were the wildflowers that grew along the trails.

I was intrigued by these delicate pink to rose colored bells. They were tiny, less than a centimeter across, and hidden under evergreen foliage alongside the trail.

This group of flowers are shown a little larger than lifesize. The rose-colored globes at left form a stalk about 10-12cm high. The flowers below are probably 25% larger than lifesize.

The red blooms below were certainly new to me. They seem to be red tips growing on the end of green runners, so it looks like an evergreen ground cover. The red blooms are tiny - about a cm across.

We've seen lots of purple bells like above right, but this one looks a little different and is growing right on the ground among the moss. The bloom is about a cm across. The white structured bloom is considerably magnified - between 2 and 3x it's size of about 1.5cm.

We have seen the three yellow flowers here quite a bit. The white one is new to us. The upper right bloom is a closeup of one of the blooms of the common yellow-flowering shrub that we have seen everywhere. An example from beside one of today's trails is shown below.

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