Mark Makes a Rose for "Beauty"

December , 2008

Mark contracted to make a working version of the rose that drops its petals as a part of the magic spell in "Beauty and the Beast".

The project was for the theatrical group that is performing in the old Strand Theater on the Marietta Square. The production of Beauty and the Beast ran from December 5-21.

It was a reasonably challenging project since the rose had to drop its petals dramatically upon signal and be durable enough to be reset and reused through multiple performances.

The original plan submitted to him envisioned using switches to release fishing line tied to the rose parts through plastic tubing, but he found that there was too much friction for it to work properly. He went to copper tubing and had to experiment with several versions.

In the stage performance, the rose was covered with a transparent dome.

Some comments from the December 7 article in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution:

"Beauty and the Beast" drew an excited crowd to the Strand's opening night Friday after a six-year, $4 million restoration that transformed it from a 1935 movie theater into the home of the Atlanta Lyric Theatre and live performances."

"The Strand morphed through 65 years as a movie theater, cinema draft house, rock music venue, flea market and church. It survived a fire that caused $500,000 in damage before last closing in 2000. Today, it's home to live theater and special events."

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