McDonald Creek on the Going-to-the-Sun Road

July 30, 2009

Descending from the Hidden Lake overlook above Logan Pass on the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier Park, we drove around to McDonald Creek near the southwest end of the road.

It was slow going with the traffic and road construction along the road, but we finally made it to McDonald Creek.

Heavens Peak stood above us, and it was tranquil there. The water of the creek was crystal clear!

Crystal clear and very cold, as Ashleigh found out!! Ashleigh and Jordan wade and make it out to a big rock while they are getting used to the cold water.

Elyse wades out to the rock and climbs up. Jordan looks like she is getting a bit used to the water.

Jeff makes it into the cold water and has a go at a swim.

Jeff is having to swim hard to make any progress against the strong current.

Now here goes Mark!

This cold water inevitably brought the comparison to Mirror Lake in Yosemite, our family standard of coldness for water!

Ashleigh decides to have a go at swimming in the cold water. She heads out, but soon makes it back to the rock to sun a bit.

Jeff is still trying to make headway up the stream. How do those salmon do it!?

Now that Mark and Jeff have gotten past the initial cold water shock, Elyse thinks she might have a go at it.

Elyse is a little more comfortable about it if Mom is involved.

Jordan is having a go at getting out in the main current and swimming to Jeff.

Jordan makes it back alive to the safety of the anchor rock.

Ashleigh tries swimming against the current. It's pretty tough!

Jordan and Ashleigh are somewhat used to the water now, but have to climb out to sun often. Uncle Mark is taking Elyse out to join them on the rock.

OK. Now that she has been out in the stream to the rock, Elyse is ready for Uncle Mark to take her back.

Now it's back with Mom on the dry rock.

Well, we thought we'd stop for a few minutes, and this wonderful place turned out to be a major adventure. We were glad we had reserved the time to be flexible on this day.

We do have some history here at McDonald Creek. It was a great place to visit on our 1982 trip when Mark was about the same age as Ashleigh is now.

We also visited McDonald Creek on our 1993 trip when Rod fell in, chasing after a lens that had dropped from his jacket pocket. This photography can be dangerous!

While this water adventure was going on, Brenda had a little time to read.

It must have been a peaceful time -- this butterfly hung around with her the whole time.

Now it was time for Grandma Brenda to help dry off some wet and cold girls. But perhaps a little more reading while we are doing it.

On toward Missoula, Montana

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