Pyramid Lake

July 28, 2009

After breakfast we drove up to Pyramid Lake, a short distance above the town of Jasper. We rented two canoes and Mark took Jordan and Ashleigh with him while Jeff and Darla took Elyse.

Mark launched out into Pyramid Lake with Jordan and Ashleigh.

Jeff and Darla launch with Elyse and they move across the lake with Mark and the other girls in the distance.

Brenda and I went to Pyramid Island and there Jordan and Ashleigh came running toward us.

Mark had let them out to run across the island and had come around to pick them up again.

Above is the view we had of Pyramid Lake from Whistler Mountain on July 25. Pyramid Lake is seen behind Patricia Lake, and you can see the island in Pyramid Lake which is the setting of these pictures.

The girls got back aboard and they set out across the lake.

Mark, Ashleigh and Jordan pass Jeff, Darla and Elyse on their way in.

As Jeff, Darla and Elyse come to shore, Mark with Ashleigh and Jordan are heading to the far side of the lake. They went to a beach where the girls had been building a sand fort, and this was high adventure for them. They were very excited when they came back.

Elyse, on the other hand, was not too keen on this canoeing, and decided she would rather stay with Grandma and Granddad on Pyramid Island. This was of course fine with Grandma Brenda, and gave Jeff and Darla more freedom to explore in the canoe.

Of course, having Elyse with us meant having a snack, and that attracted the attention of the local variety of squirrel.

We had to admit that he put on a great show, but we were determined not to contribute to his delinquency.

Jeff and Darla head back to the dock at the end of their rental period and we bring Elyse from Pyramid Island to meet them. It had been a relaxed and enjoyable morning for all of us.

Mt Edith Cavell

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